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Name:Donald "Jared" Dunn
Birthdate:Dec 30
[Jared is 28 years old, a little over 6'4", with self-described "ghostlike features" -- as his uncle once said, he "looks like someone starved a virgin to death." His wardrobe consists mostly of gray sweaters and pleated khakis, and he's usually hunched apologetically in on himself like a very tall field mouse.]

Jared Dunn, né Donald, is the sort of guy who lets his boss change his name because he's too afraid to correct the mistake. While cripplingly shy and self-deprecating, he has an innate talent for business and finance, enabling him to rise through the ranks of the multi-billion dollar Hooli Corporation at a young age -- until, fed up with the aforementioned boss' mistreatment, he took a stand and quit to join a tiny startup, Pied Piper, that was in much greater need of his organizational skills.

Currently, Jared lives with the company's five other employees in the house that serves as Pied Piper's headquarters. He spends most of his time watching documentaries about Liberia while the rest of them go to parties, and his duties include restocking toilet paper and ensuring that the CEO doesn't make himself sick by eating cilantro. He only rarely complains.

[Disclaimer: Jared is a character from HBO's "Silicon Valley," and appears here solely for roleplaying purposes. I do not own him and am making no profit from this. Mun and muse are over 18.]
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